GB YSF-CYMRU Reflector is pleased to add a YSF Reflector with YSF2DMR to our server line-up. The server address is and can be monitored via


It includes some basic Wires-X functionality whilst your OpenSpot or Dongle is on the frequency 436.500mhz which allows you to switch between DMR Reflectors from your Wires-X enabled radio.

You simply press the Wires-X button, select your DMR Reflector from the node list and briefly key-up your radio, you will receive the announcement from your hot spot that the Reflector has been changed. You can search for the reflector or you can also change reflector by entering a node ID directly into the radio in a 5 digit format, for example, the UK reflector would be 04400.

AllStar Link Node – 47632 ALLSTAR_Cymru now has a new dial-in hub node into AllStar, available via AllStar repeaters on the node ID 47632, you can also access AllStar by calling the number 01443 887983 from any phone and connect to nodes across the world.

This server can be monitored live at

Our DTMF Command List is as follows….

Allstar Link Node 47632 — MW6KJZ — PORTH, Porth, United Kingdom

*1 =>   Link Disconnect
*2 =>   Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3 =>   Link Connect
*4 =>   Remote Comand
*70 =>   Link Status
*71 =>   Disconnect All Links
*72 =>   Last Node To Key
*73 =>   Full Link Status
*74 =>   Reconnect Links
*5 =>   DTMF Shortcuts
*75 =>   Link Connect (Local Monitor Only)
*80 =>   System Info
*81 =>   Time
*980 =>   App_rpt Version
*99 =>   Phone PTT